Process control
Our company is a provider of services with a wide recognition thanks to the fact that we have the necessary tools for the contribution of advanced solutions that allow the control of processes.

With our experience we can promote your organization so that it can take advantage and make use of the certified benefits of advanced control through the implementation of an expert system, the design of developed models, programming, simulation and optimization.
Load control
Completely covering the logistics and operational chain of export cargoes, we provide condition, quantity and weight controls for break bulk shipments and containerized cargo, guaranteeing adequate operating processes according to the type of product.
Discharge control
We have offices and agents in the main port cities of the world where controls are provided on the cosmetic condition of the fruit, quantity, quality, defects, loss and weight defects for the unloading of break bulk cargo and containerized cargo.
Weight control
Our service of weight guarantee certify the fulfillment of this requirement for the export of products.
Condition of containers
Service provided before consolidation to ensure that the unit is free of contamination, in good condition and in acceptable physical conditions to be loaded with perceptible products.

Shipping inspections at:
Shipping yards.
Risk management
We apply controls in strategic points of the logistic chain in order to minimize risks and protect the interests of our customers.
To deter or prevent unlawful acts related to the subtraction, substitution and contamination of cargo in export or import containers.
It allows to review all the information of the load, including the details, the novelties, the authorization, the readings of thermographs and the analysis of other situations.
Advantages of traceability
- Backwards tracing of the production processes.
- Revision and analysis of novelties.
- Interpretation of thermograph readings.
- Concatenation between connections of export units and activations of refrigeration processes.
- Delivery of a report with analysis of the details and conclusive comments in relation to the final destination results.
Calibration of tanks and meters
We have a specialized measurement service team who carry out different services of liquid and gas meters with high reliability ranging from scheduled maintenance, new facilities, sales of parts, repairs and calibrations to analysis and assignment service.

We are trained to offer you services both on land and offshore which combine the technique of automated equipment, diagnostic capabilities and all our extensive experience to provide your company with customized solutions.

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